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There are many situations that call for the expertise of a decent Wakefield Locksmith.  Whether you are a business-owner or home-owner, security is very important.  From supplying you with replacement keys, enhancing security and locks on your property, fixing broken locks and keys, dealing with issues related to uPVC windows and doors, to giving you advice on how to secure your property or home more and providing you with emergency locksmith services day and night and so much more, Wakefield Locksmith is who you need if you are in Wakefield or the surrounding areas.

Wakefield Locksmith take pride in the service we offer, and at the forefront of all we do, is our goal of helping you, our customers, to feel more secure, for your business properties and homes to feel more secure.

Security Survey For Your Business Premises Or Home

securitysurveyPrevention is the best way to deal with most things and when it comes to things like security breaches and burglaries are no different.  This is why at Wakefield Locksmith we will give your property, whether it’s commercial or private, a family home or business premises, a full Security Survey.  The purpose of our security surveys is to make sure your property is as secure as it can be and if it isn’t, tell you exactly what you need to do to enhance the level of security  We do this by checking all access points are locked or bolted, and if they aren’t, installing locks and bolts to make them secure.  As part of our security survey we can and will also ensure that you meet the standards expected by your home or building’s insurance.

Obviously, you can do your part in all this by making sure only family members and trusted friends have sets of keys, if you want someone outside of your household to have any.  It is generally not wise, unless they fall into either of the above categories, to for instance give spare keys to neighbours.

Experts In uPVC Windows And Doors Security

upvcA clear majority of properties nowadays have windows and doors that are either have some or all made from uPVC.  uPVC is a very sturdy and modern material and perfect for doors and windows.  However, as secure as it is and the locks that are normally included on these types of entry points, there are some common issues you may suffer from.  The way the multipoint locking mechanism works is part of the reason for these kinds of doors and windows are so popular, but is also why there are problems with them.  Broken cylinders and failing mechanism are just a couple of the issues related and why you should call out the uPVC experts at Wakefield Locksmith and we will be able to fix the lock, replace them or fix the keys or replace them.

Commercial Properties

commerciallocksWakefield locksmith can help you with all your locks and security needs, and as we know how important it is for business-owners, landlords and anyone else who owns property to keep that property secure, we offer commercial locksmith services.  In much the same way as any other type of property, we will come out and fix locks and keys, cut new keys on the premises, receive and handle emergency calls and also give you advice about your current safety measures and how they could be improved.

As a special note to any landlords reading this, we always advise that you have all the locks changed and replaced between tenants because you simply can’t always know who has a copy of a key out there.  Some people have been known, for instance, to make copies so that they can access the property even after they have moved out, or if keys go missing, they my end up in the hands of people with only bad and criminal intentions.

Residential Properties

residentialFinding yourself locked out of your own home or your key getting jammed in the lock or worse still being burgled are just three of the situations we can help you with at your residential property.  We will come out, take a look at the job and will be able to help solve the issue.

If it is simply that you have lost your keys or broken either your keys or the lock, we will help install new locks and cut you fresh keys for those locks.  If you have been burgled we will come out as soon as we can and help to repair any damage that has been done to entry points, as well as installing fresh new locks and cut you new keys.  We will also be able to advise you on how best to prevent break-ins in the future.  As we know how traumatic it can be, we will always come out as soon as we can and will treat you with the care, dignity and respect you deserve.

Vehicle Locksmith Services

car-lockAs experts in our field, we do not work solely with building locks, doors, windows and keys, we also can help with any car, van or other vehicle locks and key issues you may be having.  Whether you have locked yourself out of your vehicle, broke the keys, lost them, jammed them in the lock or the remote fob is no longer working, Wakefield Locksmith are able and willing to help.

We are able to, without much hassle or fuss, cut or reprogramme depending on what you require and what is best, around 95% of all modern car keys and remote fobs.  As an extra precaution, if you have lost your keys or they have been stolen, when we replace them, we erase all memory of the previous set and remote fob, so that the immobiliser will only recognise the new set that we provide for you.  As with any of our services, we will answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will try to take on any emergencies within 20 minutes of receiving your call.  There’s a reason why we feel we are the best in the Wakefield area, and it’s our knowledge and experience coupled with our reliability and positive attitude to customer service and our highly competitive rates

Emergency Locksmith Services

emergencyA large percentage of the work we carry out on a daily basis is emergency locksmith services.  It can happen to anyone at any time, even the most careful person can lose their keys or find themselves in a situation where they have locked themselves out.  If you are in this kind of situation or have discovered that your car or property, whether it’s commercial or private, business or family home, you need to give us a call immediately.  We treat all emergencies from our customers in the Wakefield area as a priority and will do our very best to respond to them as soon as we can, typically within 20 minutes of receiving the call.

Although it has been mentioned further up the page, if you have been burgled, you just want to feel secure and safe while trying to fully come to terms what has happened.  We will always be as quick as we can and will show up with identification badges and you can rest assured that our staff have all been vetted by the local police and the Criminal Records Bureau.  As well as giving you back your security and maybe even enhancing it to avoid the same thing happening again, we want to help you to de-stress and the best way we can do that as by doing what we do best, working with locks, keys, windows and doors.

Professional And Experienced Deadbolt Lock Installers

deadboltIt makes sense to always rely on professionals for more complicated tasks outside of your own skill-set.  Even if you are particularly handy when it comes to DIY, deadbolt installation for your workplace or home, is something you should leave to the professionals.  Although to the untrained eye, this type of key and lock mechanism may appear fairly normal, the inner workings are a lot more complex than a standard lock and key system and require a combination of precise alignment and full knowledge of the mechanism in and out for the job to be performed right.

Wakefield Locksmith have the relevant deadbolt installation and repair experience and technical know-how that you need for this type of job and will always offer you the best rates in the business.

Home Alarm Advice

home-alarnIn addition to the security surveys we offer, at Wakefield Locksmith we also can offer you our expert opinion and advice on the type of security alarm system you should invest in for your property, often depending on whether it’s a commercial property or your own private residence.  We can either help to install a security system in your home or point you in the right direction of one and companies you can trust.  Our aim as always is to give the best to our customers for the least amount of money possible.

Home And Business Safe Services

safAt Wakefield Services we are also fully experienced and qualified to handle all work related to safes and other security boxes.  If you have a safe but the lock has jammed or need to purchase a safe to keep valuables in and important documents in, whether it’s for your own home or your business premises, give us a call and we can help you.

Fully Vetted and Criminal Record Bureau Checked Locksmiths

Obviously when it comes to locks, keys and the whole area of security whether it’s in the workplace, your vehicle or in your family home, you want to know you are in good hands.  There are many unscrupulous and bad people out there who use these kinds of services as a front for criminal activities.  We distance ourselves from businesses like that and you can trust that any locksmith you deal with when using our services has been fully vetted by the local police and has passed checks carried out by the Criminal Records Bureau.

Competitive Prices That Are Hard To Beat

priceAlong with our high standard of customer service, the years and years of experience we have working within the locksmith sector and our ability to carry out work in an efficient and timely manner; our prices are one of the things we have worked hard to get to a point where they are the most competitive and affordable for Wakefield and the surrounding areas.

Although for some of our services, you will definitely find them cheaper elsewhere, they won’t be carried out with the same level of knowledge,experience and attention to detail.  We are fully confident as a locksmith services company that we will out perform our closest competitors and can do so for unbelievable reasonable prices.

Quick Quotes Over The Phone

phoneWhatever kind of work you need or whatever emergency you have, we will be able to offer you quick estimated quotes in order to help get a trained technician out to you as soon as possible.  Although the actual price you pay will not be exactly the same, we do our best to quote as accurately as possible.  Our many years of experience and understanding of the work involved in the various work we have to carry out on a daily basis, enables us to do this.

Regardless of the size of the job, whether it’s an old building, new building, sports car or  white van, day or night, we can help you.

Call Wakefield Locksmith for all your lock, key and security related issues and if you are not sure whether we can help you or not or have not found an answer on this website, give us a call anyway.  Our staff are very friendly and waiting to hear from you and help you find solutions to your problems, regardless of the time of day or day of the week it is!